Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gift Idea for yourself or Your CoWorker from My New Favorite Female Powerhouse

Ok- so I have to share that I have a new hero.. her name is Roxanne Emmerich.  Her book is called “Thank God It’s Monday!” – and  I have to tell you, if you have ever wished that your workplace could be different- then you have to get this book.

This one is a must read for your self, your coworker, your friend - your boss.  If you ever wanted to give a gift 'just because'- this one is awesome!  If you are on a mission to create a great environment in your place of work- this is a MUST HAVE.

How would you like to have a place to go to work to where you walk in the door because you WANT to instead of you have to?  This book will show you how to transform your attitude and get your coworkers involved to produce outstanding results.... and... it's a lot of fun!

Don’t like to read?  Then listen to the show we just did on PowerOfLeadershipRadio dot com. Roxanne is a “Get-R-Done” kind of gal. Part Professional, part Rock -and-Roll, part Rebel – but all about RESULTS!  The gal speaks my language and has a fantastic attitude to boot!

For those who know me, I am direct, love to have fun but most importantly, want to help others (and myself) get results. I love the approach Roxanne shares on the show and in her book.

Tired of the complainer in the cubicle next to you at work? (Maybe you ARE the complainer…)  Do you do all the work but rarely get acknowledgment?  Catch the archive of the show and see how you can create an environment for work (and home) that you WANT to be in .. and not just HAVE to be in!

Thank God It’s Monday
Here’s to Rockin With Amazing Results this year!!

Debbra Sweet

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gift Idea for the Busy Woman Entrepreneur

Who do you know that is a woman on the go? She manages the house, takes care of the kids, maybe volunteers some of her time - and has started her own business? She's a woman with focus, commitment and passion.  That woman will Thank You for this gift idea! 

If you want to be a supporter of her drive and her goals, introduce her to the  Marketing Made Easy™ Marketing Made Easy™ Home Study Course for the Woman Entrepreneur Home Study Course & Training Program.  This program is designed just for that woman-and will help her achieve her goals by teaching her how to avoid pitfalls in business and more importantly, get her and keep her on the right track with successful, proven, low cost, highly effective marketing To Dos' and tools that are right for her budget and business.

Here’s a quick insight on why this is a great gift idea: 

Jan 10 2010 –Successful niche marketing plan campaign strategies to deliver results is effectively taught in Home Study Training Course For the Woman Entrepreneur developed by Sweet Marketing Solutions founder Debbra Sweet.

PR Log (Press Release)Jan 10, 2010 – Women Entrepreneurs’are learning how to concentrate their marketing efforts on small but specific and well defined segments of the population in order to grow their business profitably.  This well defined approach to marketing is known as Niche Marketing. Niches are ‘created’ by identifying needs, wants, and requirements that are being addressed poorly or not at all by other businesses in a specific profession.  Savvy women entrepreneurs’ are recognizing the opportunity to create their own niches and deliver their goods or services to satisfy them.

In October the Center for Women’s Business Research published the first ever study on the economic impact of women business owners in the US.  Their results show that Women Business Owners Contribute a Total Economic Impact of $3 Trillion!   However, as it stands, the financial rewards of entrepreneurship are lagging for women business owners.  Apparently the independence of women entrepreneurs comes at a big price. The benefits of entrepreneurship are driving more women than ever into self-employment, yet the financial rewards necessary to make this trend stick, still elude most women business owners. 
This disparity of the quantity of women entrepreneurs’ and the income the average business woman earns from her company has been shown to be related to a lack of educational resources available to help her take her passion and turn it into a profitable business.  The need to increase women entrepreneurs’ access to peers, mentors, resources, feedback, information and guidance about the business of running a business was part of the driving force behind the development of the Marketing Made Easy ™ Home Study Course for the Woman Entrepreneur.

Sweet Marketing Solutions founder Debbra Sweet, a woman entrepreneur herself, is revolutionizing the way that women business owners learn effective niche marketing.  Sweet understands the power of a strong system for learning how to find the right niche to grow a business. Her reputation as a results oriented leader that implements proven systems is showcased throughout the structure of her Marketing Made Easy ™ Home Study Course.

She took her hands on successes helping businesses nationwide as a marketing consultant and trainer reach growth goals and has wrapped them into a succinct, easy to use educational tool designed to educate business owners on results oriented marketing.  Sweet has created a street smart, hands on, affordable program to help today’s business owners learn how to market their own business effectively. Inside her training program, not only does the entrepreneur learn about developing their niche markets, they have a hands on approach and training support system to see how marketing ties into every element of their business model.  This integrated educational is one of the key cornerstones to success in her program.

The Marketing Made Easy™ Home Study Course for the Woman Entrepreneur  trains the professional how to strategically plan marketing, identify the niches they best support and then introduces the user to low cost, automated, highly effective marketing tools that consistently achieve results.  Sweet also brings fresh, out of the box, creative ideas to other women business owners in her program to help them achieve their business growth goals.

Sweet shares: “The weekly home study course curriculum is powerful and when applied, the woman entrepreneur will be able to develop effective marketing to help grow her company sooner rather than later. This program and training support shortens the learning cycle and give her low cost marketing tools, ideas and understanding of what to do and what not to do for growing her business.

This hands on training and  learning approach is the way the most successful entrepreneurs of all time have achieved their elevated level of recognition: combining proven methods, strategies, self development, an ongoing desire for learning and the mastermind approach to success.  We do not want to leave our female entrepreneurs’ success to chance.”

Sweet is so passionate about the results that she has been helping women entrepreneurs achieve- that she has put together a complimentary video that reveals the number one reason that prevents most women from really achieving success in her business.

Sweet shares this information at to give women entrepreneurs a jump start on growing their business successfully

For information:
Phone: 760-597-2790
We all have a chance and a choice to help each other. For the female neighbor or friend you know who has been complaining that she’s frustrated, overwhelmed or simply not getting the results she wants and needs from her marketing of her business- this is a great resource to share.
Thanks for your support!  Let’s come together, support one another to make this a GREAT year for everyone.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Leadership lessons from Grandma

Earlier this year I lost my last grandma.  Her passing wasn’t a total surprise as she was getting up in years.  Even though her time was going to come someday- it still wasn’t easy. In fact, as we get closer to Christmas, I find I am missing her horribly.

The past couple days I’ve been reflecting on our family Christmas’s from times past.  Going to Grandma’s was always part of our family tradition.  We knew going to see her was a couple hour drive and you never knew how all the relatives were going to act that day- but one thing that’s been pinging at my heart this year as I reflect on her and how she influenced my life is that she was a great example of a leader.

Grandma was not overly school educated- in fact, if I recall correctly, she really only finished 8th grade or so.  One thing she was though, was a woman full of love, respect for the core value of family and community, she had grit, a Get-R-Done attitude and she always lead by serving.

When you came to her house (anytime of the year) you were always greeted with warm welcome.  It didn’t matter what she had been going through personally, she didn’t let drama keep her a victim. Instead, she greeted you with a genuine welcome- whether you were long time friend or a new acquatinence.  It was respect across the board.

I do remember though that it wasn’t always giggles and smiles at her house. In fact, she kept a good rule on the house and you always knew where you stood. ( I’ve been told I am like that too.  I expect some reading this who know me may NOT find that funny…LOL!  )  I have vivid memories of sitting on the ‘davenport’ with hands under the bum waiting for Grandpa to get home so we could go choose our belt. (Whew!  Glad those days are over.)  The point here being, there were rules and expectations in her home.  Not overly big for a growing child, but none the less, they were there.

She gave us direction of how to be a good person even if we were little. She was willing to teach us right from wrong.  She gave us many opportunities to have some freedoms we could not (or did not) get at mom and dads.  She also understood that at times, it was important for us to learn by allowing us to suffer the consequences of our actions and choices.

As we got older,  Grandma moved to the other side of town. Grandpa passed when I was young and Grandma, being the centered, strong woman she was, chose to never marry again.  Instead, she filled out the rest of her days by serving other families.  She had become a cook (Grandpa taught her that when they were dating) and she ended up cooking for one of the biggest universities in the state.  (Needless to say, when Grandma cooked- she COOKED!!)  We always had food to feed an army- literally sometimes!    (We’re still trying to figure out the math to reduce her recipe for her famous bread and rolls… I heard the recipe makes 172 loaves!!)

She later went on to cook for a church/school for young kids. The church also owned the house across the street. That’s where Grandma lived many years after Grandpa passed. It was a cool house to go stay at.  One of the ways to describe it was that it was kind of like a cross between a bread and breakfast and the Ronald McDonald house.

People from all walks of life, who had a family member in the hospital, would come and rent one of the rooms at her house.  She would cook for them, always have the house spotless with clean sheets, linens, etc.  When these new visitors would come home at night from being at the hospital all day, she would lend an open, honest, caring ear to them.

When we went to stay with Grandma in the summer (or anytime through out the year)- it was expected of us to contribute to the caring, cooking and cleaning in preparation for the nightly return of her guests.   She expected us to be an example to these people and show our good attitudes and manners.  In her home, that seemed always easy to do. ( Ok- mostly easy to do!)

This was a woman who I always loved, respected and held dear in my heart. She was special to me growing up- but now that I’ve spent so much of this last week remembering Christmas with her, I realize that she really was a consummate leader. She was often soft spoken- but her essence was strong.  She was strength to many when they needed it. She served and led at the same time. She didn’t outwardly complain- and in the most trying of times, she was the epitome of what many so called leaders today lack.   She had genuine integrity and a desire to make your world a better place.

Her leadership was about giving first.  In fact- when I decided to move to California, it was Grandma that was the hardest one to say good-bye to.  I wasn’t sure if she would understand my decision to move so far away.  After I moved out here, for many a year, every Christmas I would receive this amazing ‘care package’ from her.

Christmas time baking at her house included an assortment of amazing confections, treats and stick to the belly type of food.  She had the world’s best fudge – hands down. A little bit of that went a long way for the sweet tooth!  We would be tempted with peanut butter cookies (again- I have yet to find a recipe that can compare). She would make these treats called Buckeyes (peanut butter balls hand dipped in chocolate), lots and lots of Christmas cookies.

She would make pies; pecan and mincemeat for my dad,  apple, cherry or blueberry for the choosing, pumpkin pie, the cranberry bread, and on top of that, she had this dish that had Handmade noodles!  Not enough to do all the cooking but to actually make all the noodles before she made the dish!  (I could go on… but I think you get the point.)

My care package would be filled with an assortment of the breads and confections.  It always touched my heart that over the years she still continued to bake and send those packages with love.  It was part of her give. She lead with selfless giving for many, many years.

I hadn’t really realized until just recently, the real impact of her leadership.  Her heart of giving and her genuine leadership without care to who you were, what your background was, your state of being at the time she met you, or the circumstances that you were going through. If you were the kind of person who was willing to ‘get things done’ you were part of the family.  She was always ready to open her home and be that quiet, strong person to inspire you and give you that ‘You can do this’ kind of attitude.

She created the tradition in our family of giving.  She lead the tradition and represented the best core values and ethics that real leaders exude. She was not serving out of ego or a need for acknowledgment.  She lead through service simply because she had the heart and desire to do so. It was the right thing to do and it was simply who she was.

As I look at this Christmas week closing fast on us, I have been teaching and sharing with my children more of the bits and pieces of their heritage. They are coming of age where they should be able to really remember and ‘get it’.  It has been on my heart to continue in her legacy- her leadership legacy she started when she was alive.  It is a legacy, I believe through me,  still continues today.

We will be making some Buckeyes this Christmas to add to our family tradition. Maybe next year we’ll add some more of her goodies. Our door has always been open for those who need a place to go to be with family – especially if you leave the ‘I’m a victim of life attitude at the door’- and instead, strap on the ‘let’s Get-R-Done’ state of mind.   I know this part of our tradition is from my past, and I believe that it will inspire my children and those around me to take on the leadership attitude of servitude for many years to come.

If you wish to try some buckeyes here's a some ready made ones for you:

May you and your family be safe and blessed this upcoming year!